About Us

We're a small team with a huge list of skills. From film to graphic design, photography to audio, we keep things in-house on purpose: so we can create quickly with super good quality. We love what we do and we never stop learning how to create something new and exciting. Get to know the faces behind Super Good Creative, then make sure to send us a message and say hi!

rob west

Cinematographer, Audio & Lighting, Editor

The brain behind the camera, Rob is a tech wiz with an artist's eye. He balances the visual with the technical to create work that is both high quality and engaging. He handles post-production and editing to make each project look and sound it's best.

LOGAN gray

Director, Producer, Design & Photography

Ideas, creativity and connection are what fuels Logan's work. She loves to deep dive into the subject matter of each video so that she can bring out all the amazing details in the final piece. Passionate about strong story at the core of everything, Logan works to make sure your piece is engaging and authentic.

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Let's talk about your idea, your business, or your art. We'll figure out how we can help you reach your goals with our creativity. Or just tell us where to find the best ramen. Either way, let's chat.

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