Kind Ice Cream

In the increasingly competitive world of small batch, artisan ice cream - the women who run Kind are in a league of their own. 

Their product is first rate, and their business focuses on kindness - to each other, their customers, and the environment. Within a month of opening they had lineups down the street.

But keeping an ice cream shop alive in the winter months in Canada is no small feat. Showcasing their strengths and unique business approach, as well as increasing market awareness, would be key. That's where we came in.

We worked with the team at Kind to create a series of short documentaries to share their story with their audience and keep themselves on the forefront of their customer's minds all year round.

How We Did It

The W's

We started with a sit down meeting to learn all about Kind Ice Cream and the family who runs it. We dug deep into the all-important W's - who, what, when, where and why.

After lots of learning and note taking, we headed into the next phase.


The key to a strong documentary video is putting the work in before the camera even comes out of the bag. We planned extensively for our one day shoot. We mapped out a dozen short videos that would tell the entire story of the business, and focused on the areas where they really stood out (for example their creamy vegan ice cream and their commitment to the environment).

Our goal was to show that they put an incredible amount of thought and effort into what they create, so that their customers could gain a greater appreciation of their product.


On our shoot day we began with an interview of the founders. With notes already prepared for each video, things ran smoothly. We directed each interviewee to make sure there was great energy, things were easy to understand, and the topics were covered well. 

Then we spent the day filming in the shop. We went behind-the-scenes to capture how the ice cream is made, as well as filming the front-of-house experience with customers. We filmed both documentary style shots, as well as styled B-roll for a large variety of visuals. 


This is where the real magic happens. By combining the interviews as well as the behind-the-scenes visuals, we created engaging and informative short documentaries that would bring their audience deeper into their world of delicious ice cream.

We focused on creating content that was optimized for social media. Videos that are 2 minutes or less are the most watched and shared, and with their largest audience being on Instagram we went even further. We created all of our documentary videos within a time limit of 1 minute. To be able to share key information, create an emotional connection, and delivery stunning visuals in that timeframe is a challenge but one that we were up for and we succeeded!

The first video they posted got incredible engagement and excitement from both their current audience as well as new viewers. 

With 12 videos delivered, they will be able to continue that trend for a long time to come. 

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