What We Do

With over 13 years of experience in the creative industry we have a wide range of skills we use to bring your vision to life. We are comfortable in every phase of creation, from pre-production to post, and love to collaborate to make sure you get exactly what you need!



There's a reason one of our favourite words is brainstorm. We love to sit down and learn all about you and what you do. We believe that creating the perfect film starts with knowing our subject, so we dig into the who, what, when, where and why. From there we come up with a ton of ideas of how best to showcase that. From shot lists, to storylines, we share our ideas with you so you know we're on the right track.



We've been behind the camera for 13 years and we've never stopped learning and exploring everything technical and creative. With strong backgrounds in composition, lighting, sound and story, we have it all covered in house so that your shoot days will go smoothly. We excel at making people feel comfortable and confident during interviews, and are skilled at fly-on-the-wall shooting to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly as we film. We can produce cinematic and documentary style films, to fit whatever your need.



Just as critical as filming is directing on the day of, and we are on top of it. With a checklist in hand, and a careful eye for detail, we'll make sure everything gets done on time, with lots of B-roll to spare. We make sure everything is covered, and everyone involved feels confident. With experience in documentary interviews, we know what questions to ask to get the best, most authentic answers to share with your audience. We'll work closely with your point person to keep everything on-brand and ensure no small detail is missed.



We take post-production seriously and that begins with proper file management and backup. You can rest easy knowing all your files are carefully taken care of from the moment we shoot them. We then log the footage, finding the all the golden moments. We craft storylines, pull apart interviews, and blend them masterfully to create a film that your audience will be captivated by. We handle sound levelling, noise-reduction, grading and music in-house so that we can keep you on-budget and the project on-time. Our turnaround is remarkable and you'll be looking at your rough cut before you know it. 



Your files will be used over and over again, so we make sure delivery is both quick and forward-thinking. We break down the components so that they can be easily found and easily used. With careful consideration of file-naming and folder structure, we really work to make sure your investment will pay for itself over and over again. We'll make it easy to share your story in every way.

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